Reflection on Puella Magi Madoka Magica

In the season of winter 2011, some of the greatest in the anime industry united to bring us the new 12 episode mahou shoujo anime of Puella Magi Madoka Magica. 

With the combined effort of the director of Arakawa under the bridge and Maria Hollic, Yukihiro MIYAMOTO, and the script written by Nitro+, this show promised to deliver a new take on the Mahou Shoujo Genre. After the final delay, I think that I can safely say that it did just that.

The art-style used was just amazing; switching between the moe-ish art in the normal world and the disturbing cut out style in that of the witches, this show knows how to play with visuals to create the biggest impact possible on the viewer. Inside the witch’s’ barriers is a whole new world, and this show managed to beautifully deliver that fact.

The characters were also beautifully constructed. All of the girls show out their true selves eventually and naturally. They manage to go beyond the stereotype characters that we might have seen. The transformation of Sayaka Miki was extremely fascinating and disturbing to watch.

The storyline feels like it was borrowed from Higurashi – When they cry. Many elements are the same like repeating a few months over and over in order to try and find a good future and how the characters slowly turn insane. That doesn’t mean that the show wasn’t enjoyable because they are still different genres. The fact that this show managed to create such a deep atmosphere in only 12 episodes is simply amazing.

I also liked the new take on the magical contract animal

One last thing I loved about this show are the suggested yuri pairings =3

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A First step into the Magical world of blogging

Well… I have no idea how to begin so lets just start with a picture that resumes the entirety of the content that will be posted

Yes, it will mostly be about anime since it is absolutly the only thing in my life that have any meaning ( exaggeration =D) Im not sure how alive this site will be since I am a busy and lazy person with a semi-functioning brain that tend to forget everything. But, I will still make as much of an effort  as I can to persevere and whatnot.

I will also be posting a bit about

I have played a few visual novels that are worth mentioning and I will probably eventually talk about them when I’m out of topics, but I’m not the greatest reviewer out there and tend to like everything where there’s a cute girl that cries. Of course, I will gladly try any games suggested by anyone if there’s an English translation somewhere (Totally dont understand any japanese at all).

Finally, a healthy dose of

will probably exist since yuri is cute and awsome =3 (a post about it maybe?)

Anyway, if you have any suggestions about ways of improuving the blog, review ideas, opinions, things to say, etc etc, feel free to comment! I will read everything and comment on everything that isn’t a spam because comments are awsome.

I might make vocabulary faults in my posts because I dont like re-reading my posts, so please live with them. Also, if somebody have any advice on how to use wordpress properly, please help D=

Special thanks to Yi-san ( and @fkeroge ( for encouraging me to start this. If not, I wouldn’t have had any initiative. Thanks! =)

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